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Federal Deposit
Insurance Corporation

Each depositor insured to at least $250,000 per insured bank

2010 FDIC All Employee Survey Results and Plans for Action

In December 2010 and early January 2011, the FDIC conducted the 2010 FDIC All Employee Survey to assess its employees' levels of engagement and satisfaction. The FDIC incorporated the required U.S. Office of Personnel Management questions into its annual survey.

Below is the interpretation of the 2010 FDIC All Employee Survey results and the agency's plans for action:

  1. Interpretation of Results:

    Major increases since the 2009 survey are seen in most areas when comparing the 143 rating items that could be compared.

    • 118 significantly increased (83%)
    • Zero significantly decreased
    • 25 remained nearly the same (17%) (change of +/- 3% or more).

    Employees are highly favorable across many Dimensions; of the 20 Dimensions, 9 are 75% favorable or above including:

    • Mission and Strategy
    • Overall Satisfaction
    • Work Environment
    • FDIC Board of Directors
    • Work/Life Balance
    • Immediate Supervision
    • Regional/Area/Temporary Satellite Office Management Teams
    • Headquarters Senior Leadership Team, and
    • Division/Office Leadership Teams.

    FDIC Strengths

    • Mission and Strategy
    • Perceptions of leadership: FDIC Board of Directors, Headquarters Senior Leadership
    • Team, Division/Office Leadership Teams, and Regional/Area/TSO Management Teams
    • Immediate Supervision
    • Work Environment and Work/Life Balance

    FDIC Potential Opportunities to continue to improve

    • Empowerment
    • Performance management
    • Career development
  2. Plans for action:

    FDIC is pleased that the 2010 survey results are overwhelmingly positive in the majority of employee engagement dimensions. These improved scores show that the Agency has taken the right actions in response to previous employee surveys, and FDIC management plans to maintain the momentum established from the previous years' surveys. FDIC's senior leaders remain committed to continually improving the culture at the agency. The Corporation will continue to make changes to its corporate culture so that the FDIC embodies a work environment that values trust, open communication and empowerment among all employees.

  3. How the survey was conducted: The survey was conducted on-line from December 7, 2010-January 7, 2011.
  4. Description of sample: All FDIC employees were surveyed.
  5. OPM survey items and response choices: See the tables on the following pages.
  6. Number of employees surveyed, number responded and representativeness of respondents: Of the 8,451 employees eligible, 5,577 completed the survey for a 66% response rate. With the high survey response rate, the overall FDIC population was well represented.

Demographics and Results to 2010 Annual Employee Survey - PDF 49 KB (PDF Help)