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FDIC Investor Match Program


The FDIC continues to proactively expand its outreach efforts to encourage participation of Small, Minority and Women-Owned businesses and small investors in FDIC asset sales programs.

Feedback gathered from Asset Purchaser and Investor seminars as well as from many other conversations with small and MWO investors and asset managers indicated a need for these firms to build consortia or develop partnerships with other investors in order to enhance qualifications and compete more effectively in FDIC structured sales programs.

In response to this feedback, the FDIC has developed the Investor Match Program to encourage and facilitate interaction between small and MWO investors, asset managers and large investors to bring sources of capital together with the expertise needed to compete more effectively in structured sales transactions. The Investor Match Program is executed via an automated online network technology system.

The Investor Match Program is designed to:

  • Match large investors with small and MWO investors and asset managers
  • Match small and MWO investors and asset managers that are interested in participating in syndicates with other small and MWO investors and asset managers
  • Facilitate a cooperative solution between large investors, small and MWO investors and asset managers to increase participation.
The FDIC believes in the value of facilitating a cooperative solution between large investors, small and MWO investors and asset managers to increase participation in the assets sales process; allowing investors the opportunity to exchange experience and knowledge in order to enhance organizational competencies and increase effectiveness in executing investment strategies.

Key Featured And Benefits

The platform has a number of capabilities that can be leveraged to find partners:

  • Easy navigation and intuitive search functionality allows you to effortlessly identify potential partners based on a number of attributes and your firm's specific requirements.
  • Connect with potential partners to facilitate offline partnerships. Easy to use tools to message and schedule meetings to connect with potential partners
  • Preliminary partner screening tool to quickly assess partnership opportunities. Receive notifications about potential partnership matches. Develop opportunities based on current partnership needs
  • Receive latest announcements and updates from the FDIC on structured sales news

How The Investor Match Program Works

The Investor Match Program is powered by an automated system that is open to all investors (large, small, and MWO) that are pre-qualified by the FDIC to participate in structured transactions. The process involves the following steps:

  1. Program Registration
    Set up an account by selecting a password that will correspond to your company's user name (email address)

  2. Set up Private Profile
    Enter basic profile information that will be kept private from the community, but is used to identify your firm.

  3. Set Up Public Profile
    After setting up the account, you will complete your public information, the information you want other investors to see. You don't have to identify your company name, so there's a level of anonymity. However, it's important to enter as much information as possible to increase the possibility of finding investor matches

  4. Investor Match Identification
    Based on a proprietary matching system, you will be sent notifications with potential partnership matches. In addition to algorithm generated matches, you have the option of searching and browsing company profiles.
(Note the FDIC has no direct role in the matching of program participants. Potential partners are identified at the sole discretion of the participating firms.)

How To Join

We strongly encourage all qualified investors to join. If you are already pre-qualified to bid on structured sales, you will automatically receive an email invitation to join the community.

If you are not pre-qualified to bid on structured sales transactions, you will need to become pre-qualified. The qualification process is described below.

Pre-Qualification Process
The pre-qualification process and related instructions are described in a Memorandum to Prospective Bidders. In order to be pre-qualified by the FDIC, you must complete, to the satisfaction of the FDIC, and properly return, the following documents to the FDIC:

  • Pre-Qualification Request
  • Purchaser Eligibility Certification
  • Contact Information Form

Available Resources

For additional detail on the Investor Match program, you can go to:

Additional information and documentation on the pre-qualification process can be found at:

Primary Documentation
  • Memorandum to Prospective Bidders
  • Pre-Qualification Request
  • Purchaser Eligibility Certification
  • Contact Information Form

Contact Information

Questions regarding the FDIC's Structured Sales Program should be directed to prospectivepurchaser@fdic.gov.