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2014 Report to Congress, Office of Minority and Women Inclusion by FDIC
The cover of FDIC 2014 Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan
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Message from the Chairman

FDIC 2014 Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan

To All FDIC Employees,

I am pleased to share with you the FDIC's 2014 Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan. In 2012, I established performance goals to update the FDIC's Diversity Strategic Plan and asked each division and office to develop strategic plans that identify steps to promote increased diversity through the FDIC's recruiting and hiring processes. In 2013, we completed the initial updated FDIC Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan and committed to reviewing and updating it annually to ensure that it remains current and relevant. The updated 2014 Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan continues to enhance our efforts in this important area and addresses our goals to develop and implement a more comprehensive, integrated, and strategic focus on diversity and inclusion. The plan lays out a course for promoting workforce diversity by recruiting from a diverse, qualified group of potential applicants; cultivating workplace inclusion through collaboration, flexibility, and fairness; and, ensuring sustainability of our diversity and inclusion achievements by equipping leaders with the ability to manage diversity, monitor results, and refine approaches on the basis of actionable data. The plan details specific steps to enhance diversity and inclusion at the FDIC in the areas of leadership engagement, analytics and reporting, training, communications, strategic planning, and program enhancement.

I am asking the FDIC's Diversity and Inclusion Executive Advisory Council (EAC) to continue to oversee the implementation of the annual plan and to ensure that our commitment to diversity and inclusion remains an important priority. The EAC will work together with the Office of Minority and Women Inclusion (OMWI) to maintain the FDIC's commitment to diversity and inclusion. I encourage all of you to take an active role in implementing the plan as well. By valuing the knowledge, ideas, and experiences of all employees, we will serve the public at the highest level.

Martin J. Gruenberg


Respect for diversity and inclusion is embedded in the FDIC's core values, which are integrated throughout its organizational structure and work environment to help the FDIC continue to effectively achieve its mission of preserving and promoting public confidence in the U.S. financial system.


Diversity is defined by who we are as individuals. The FDIC recognizes that its strength comes from the dedication, experience, talents, and perspectives of every employee. Diversity encompasses the range of similarities and differences each individual brings to the workplace, including but not limited to national origin, language, race, color, disability, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, socioeconomic status, veteran status, and family structures.


Inclusion is the process of creating a working culture and environment that recognizes, appreciates, and effectively utilizes the talents, skills, and perspectives of every employee; uses employee skills to achieve the agency's objectives and mission; connects each employee to the organization; and encourages collaboration, flexibility, and fairness.


The strategies contained in this plan will be implemented in 2014. The FDIC’s Diversity and Inclusion Executive Advisory Council will oversee the implementation of the plan to promote leadership engagement on diversity and inclusion issues. OMWI, as advisor to FDIC leadership on issues related to diversity and inclusion, will provide actionable analytics and reporting on diversity and inclusion topics, and increase organizational awareness and engagement about diversity and inclusion throughout the agency on an ongoing basis.

Goal 1: The FDIC will recruit from a diverse, qualified group of potential applicants to secure a high-performing workforce drawn from all segments of American society.

Objective: Recruit highly qualified, diverse talent to sustain the FDIC’s mission.

Strategy 1: Ensure the FDIC’s recruitment process reaches and appeals to a diverse and highly qualified pool of candidates.

Action Items:

Strategy 2: Ensure that qualified internal FDIC candidates have an opportunity to compete for posted positions.

Action Items:

Goal 2: The FDIC will cultivate a culture that encourages collaboration, flexibility, and fairness to enable individuals to contribute to their full potential and to improve retention.

Objective 1: Retain the FDIC's valued and diverse workforce.

Strategy 1: Identify and implement strategies to retain valued employees.

Action items:

Strategy 2: Integrate coaching into the FDIC's leadership competencies.

Action items:

Objective 2: Ensure every employee has an equal opportunity for career advancement opportunities to the extent possible.

Strategy 1: Apply developmental policies and practices consistently to all eligible employees.

Action items:

Strategy 2: Expand career development paths to meet FDIC long-term mission needs.

Action items:

Objective 3: Develop, implement and institutionalize diversity and inclusion initiatives to ensure they are a consistent part of the FDIC’s work environment.

Strategy 1: Create additional methods for communicating the FDIC’s commitment to, and value of, diversity and inclusion to its workforce and to the public.

Action items:

Strategy 2: Nurture the acceptance of diversity and inclusion through continuous learning efforts.

Action Items:

Objective 4: Strengthen programs to increase employee engagement to support and promote agency-wide diversity and inclusion efforts.

Strategy 1: Leverage the Chairman's Diversity Advisory Councils' activities to expand awareness of diversity and inclusion at headquarters, regional and field locations.

Action Items:

Strategy 2: Consider enhancements to existing diversity and inclusion programs by revitalizing and encouraging appropriate participation in FDIC Employee Resource Groups.

Action Items:

Strategy 3: Recognize the differing priorities and needs of employees in maintaining healthy career/ work-life integration.

Action Items:

Goal 3: The FDIC will develop structures and strategies to equip leaders with the ability to manage diversity, measure results, refine approaches on the basis of such data, and institutionalize a culture of inclusion.

Objective 1: Enhance diversity and inclusion analytics and reporting.

Strategy 1: Make diversity and inclusion reporting more actionable through improvements in data collection, presentation, and reporting frequency.

Action Items:

Objective 2: Demonstrate continuous leadership commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Strategy 1: Tie diversity and inclusion to FDIC business success.

Action Items:

Strategy 2: Create opportunities for executives to demonstrate commitment to and support of diversity and inclusion in the FDIC.

Action Items:

Objective 3: Demonstrate the FDIC's commitment to diversity and inclusion to its employees and the public.

Strategy 1: Expand the FDIC’s Awards Program to recognize and reward outstanding leadership in diversity and inclusion efforts.

Action Items:

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