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Federal Deposit
Insurance Corporation

Each depositor insured to at least $250,000 per insured bank

Organization Directory and Office Contacts


Regional/Field Offices

Key to Headquarters Buildings and Addresses
Building Address
CH 1310 Courthouse Road, Arlington, VA 22201
F 1776 F Street, NW, Washington, DC 20006
MB 550 17th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20429
N 1750 New York Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20006
VS Virginia Square, L. William Seidman Center - 3501 Fairfax Drive, Arlington, VA 22226
3701 3701 Fairfax Drive, Arlington, VA 22203
FDIC Call Center

Need help?
The FDIC Call Center will direct your call.

Toll-free numbers:

  • 877-ASKFDIC (877-275-3342)
  • TDD: 800-925-4618

Hours of operation:

  • 8:00 am - 8:00 pm ET
    Monday - Friday
  • 9:00 am - 5:00 pm ET
    Saturday-Sunday (temporary hours)


Division / Office Name Room

Board of Directors

Chairman Martin J. Gruenberg MB-6028
Executive Assistant to the Chairman Lorraine Dennison MB-6026B
Deputy to the Chairman and Chief Operating Officer, Chief of Staff Barbara Ryan MB-6024
Deputy to the Chairman Kymberly K. Copa MB-6034
Senior Advisor to the Chairman, International Resolution Policy David S. Hoelscher MB-6056
Senior Advisor to the Chairman Vacant
Special Advisor for Supervisory Matters Jason Cave MB-6044
Chief Risk Officer Stephen A. Quick MB-6036
Acting Chief Information Officer/Chief Privacy Officer Martin Henning MB-6122
Internal Ombudsman Robert D. Harris MB-7112
Ombudsman Assistant Benita Swann MB-7110
Vice Chairman Thomas M. Hoenig MB-6000
Administrative Assistant to the Vice Chairman Linda Carey MB-6002
Acting Deputy to the Vice Chairman Karl Reitz MB-6006
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Director (Appointive) Vacant  
Administrative Assistant to the Director Lori Gauvin MB-6098A
Deputy to the Director Vacant MB-6100
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Director (Director, Comptroller of the Currency) Thomas J. Curry 10W Constitution Center
Deputy to the Director William A. Rowe, III MB-6114
Director (Director, Consumer Finance Protection Bureau) Richard Cordray  
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Deputy to the Chairman and Chief Operating Officer, Chief of Staff

Deputy to the Chairman and Chief Operating Officer, Chief of Staff Barbara Ryan MB-6024
Special Assistant to the Chief of Staff, Operations Penny King MB-6060
Office of Financial Institution Adjudication, Administrative Law Judge C. Richard Miserendino VS-D8116
Executive Assistant to the Chief Operating Officer, Chief of Staff LaShea Way MB-6026A
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Deputy to the Chairman and Chief Financial Officer

Deputy to the Chairman and Chief Financial Officer Steven O. App MB-6130
Administrative Officer Paula Gueory MB-6129
Senior Advisor Elaine Stankiewicz MB-6128
Special Advisor Chris E. Aiello MB-6052
Special Assistant Thomas Bonnette MB-6126
Special Assistant Brian Aaron VS-D-4076
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Deputy to the Chairman

Deputy to the Chairman Kymberly K. Copa MB-6034
Admin. Assistant Valerie Cameron MB-6050
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Chief Information Officer/Chief Privacy Officer

Acting Chief Information Officer and Chief Privacy Officer Martin Henning MB-6122
Executive Assistant Curtia Palmer MB-6123
Chief Information Security Officer

Chief Information Security Officer

Christopher J. Farrow


Program Assistant Tina Spriggs VS-A-7051B
Special Assistant Cyndi Whitaker-Russell VS-A-7048
Privacy Program Manager Steven Lott VS-A-7094
Security Protection Engineering Section, Assistant Director Roderick Toms VS-A-4028
Security Policy and Compliance Section, Chief Brian H. Seborg VS-A-7016
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Division of Risk Management Supervision

Director Doreen R. Eberley MB-2036
Special Assistant to the Director Larry Paul MB-2020
Secretary to the Director


Associate Director, Operations and Special Projects Lisa K. Roy MB-2136
Assistant Director, Operations and Special Projects Betty Rudolph MB-2054
National Director, MDIs and CDFI Robert Mooney MB-2038
Supervisory Examinations
Senior Deputy Director, Supervisory Examinations James C. Watkins MB-2048
Anti-Money Laundering and Risk Analysis Branch, Associate Director Lisa D. Arquette F-4010
Anti-Money Laundering Section, Chief Debra L. Novak F-4006
Risk Management and Application Section III, Chief Donald Hamm F-4004
Risk Management Examinations Branch, Associate Director Christopher J. Newbury F-4076
Risk Management and Applications Section I, Chief Larisa Collado F-4052
Risk Management and Applications Section II, Chief Jesse Garcia F-4068
Risk Analysis Section, Chief Charles W. Collier F-4030
Large Bank Supervision Branch I, Associate Director Pete D. Hirsch MB-2124
Exam Support Section I, Chief Louis Bervid III MB-2120
Exam Support Section II, Chief Christine Rivera MB-2096
Exam Support Section III, Chief Ryan Sheller **
Horizontal Risk Management Section, Chief Steven E. Morrison *
Large Bank Supervision Branch II, Associate Director Patricia Colohan MB-6100
Resolution Planning Section, Chief Brandon Loveridge MB-2114
Exam Support I, Chief John Kaufman MB-2123
Exam Support II, Chief Robert Connors MB-2116
* Physically located in the Berkeley Building, 200 Center Point Circles, Suite 130, Columbia, SC 29210
** Physically located at 1601 NW Express Way, Oklahoma City, OK 73118
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Deputy Director George E. French MB-2046
Emerging Issues Section, Chief Scott Greenup **
Risk Management Policy Branch, Associate Director Rae-Anne Miller MB-2102
Accounting and Securities Disclosure Section, Chief Accountant Robert F. Storch MB-2108
Policy and Program Development Section, Chief

Thomas Lyons

Capital Markets Branch, Associate Director Bobby R. Bean N-1018
Capital Policy Section, Chief Vacant  
Examination Support Section, Chief Vacant N-1014
Capital Markets Strategies, Chief Michael Spencer NYA-1068
** Physically located in Kansas City Regional Office 1100 Walnut Street, Suite 2100, Kansas City, MO 64106
Strategic Planning and Resource Management
Deputy Director Melinda West MB-2042
Internal Control and Review Section, Chief

Ben Vaughn

Strategic Planning, Budget and Reporting Branch, Associate Director Philip D. Mento MB-2000
Business Analysis and Decision Support Section, Chief Toni Wong NYA-5028
Administrative Management Section, Chief

Janice Butler

Financial Management and Reporting Section, Chief

Richard W. Thompson

Technology Supervision Branch, Associate Director William H. Henley, Jr. CH-11032
Information Technology Section, Chief Laura Z. Lapin CH-11262
Applied Technology Section, Chief Terri Templemon CH-11028
Cyber Fraud and Financial Crimes Section, Chief Michael D. Benardo NYA-5046
Complex Financial Institutions
Deputy Director Brent Hoyer F-3052
CFI Oversight Branch I, Associate Director Ryan Billingsley NYA-1044
Institution Monitoring Section III, Chief


Institution Monitoring Section IV, Chief Vacant *
CFI Oversight Branch II, Associate Director

Lori Quigley

Institution Monitoring Section I, Chief Vacant  
Institution Monitoring Section II, Chief Gregory Gaare *
Institution Monitoring Section V, Chief Catherine Needham *
Risk Analytics Branch, Associate Director Steven Burton NYA-5016
Financial Products & Practices Section Chief Jonathan Houttekier NYA-5074
Risk Surveillance Section, Chief

Andrew Felton

Supervisory Programs Section I, Chief

James McGraw

Quantitative Model Analysis Section, Chief

Dilip Patro

Supervisory Programs Section II, Chief


* 350 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1200, NY, NY 10118
** 1333 Butterfield Road, Downers Grove, IL  60515
*** 25 Jessie Street, San Francisco, CA 94105
**** 8720 Castle Creek, Indianapolis, IN  46250
***** 7666 East 61st Street, Tulsa, OK  74133

Division of Resolutions and Receiverships

Director Bret D. Edwards 3701-10072
Secretary Crystal Bennick 3701-10081A
Internal Review Section, Manager Steven K. Trout 3701-10060
Planning and Resource Management, Assistant Director Mary Laverty 3701-10078
Government Public Relations, Manager Joshua Smith 3701-10065
Resource Management & Budget, Manager Sharon Robbins 3701-10086
Chief Resource Management Sandra Carroll Dallas
Project Manager Kristen Williams Dallas
Franchise and Asset Marketing Branch
Deputy Director Pamela Farwig 3701-9078
Resolution Strategy, Associate Director Sharon Yore 3701-9086
Strategic Programs Manager Philip Mangano 3701-8022
Franchise Marketing Monitoring & Risk Analysis, Manager Carol Marks 3701-9072
Franchise Marketing, Acting Manager Wendy Hoskins 3701-9074
Strategic Programs A, Manager Andrea Riche 3701-8064
Strategic Programs B, Manager Robert Stoner 3701-8028
Capital Market Sales & Support, Assistant Director George Alexander 3701-8074
Securitization, Manager George Williamson 3701-8086
Capital Markets, Manager Kevin Miller 3701-8094
Asset Management, Associate Director Patrick Mitchell 3701-7074
Risk Sharing Policy, Manager Leopoldo Madrid 3701-7022
Risk Sharing Analysis, Manager Bernard Bak 3701-7064
Data Manager Gary Schlette 3701-7062
Risk Share Field Operations, Manager David Davis 3701-7084
RSAM National Field Oversight, Manager Angela Masser 3701-7092
RSAM Shared Loss Agreements, Senior Manager Andrew Fulton Dallas
Franchise and Asset Marketing, Associate Director Cheryl Bates Dallas
RSAM LLC, Manager Mark Patterson Dallas
Resolutions & Closings, Manager Kathleen Armentrout Dallas
Loss Mitigation, Manager Derek Johnson New York
Business Program Management
Business Program Management, Assistant Director Kaj Vetter 3701-10022
Business Program Management, Manager Leslie Bowie 3701-10038
Information Technology, Manager Edward Collins 3701-10006
Financial & Management Reporting, Manager Cynthia Miller Dallas
Financial & Management Reporting, Manager Paul Shamburger Dallas
Financial & Management Reporting, Manager Tara Riley Dallas
Business Information Systems, Manager Victor Villarreal Dallas
Business Information Systems Unit A, Manager Loc Nguyen Dallas
Business Information Systems Unit B, Manager Bruce Meyers Dallas
Complex Financial Institutions Branch
Deputy Director Marc Steckel 3701-9036
Resolutions Planning, Assistant Director David Kiddney 3701-9060
Operational Readiness and Assurance, Associate Director Teresa Franks 3701-9022

Division of Insurance and Research

Director Diane Ellis MB-4026
Special Advisor Kathy Kalser **
Chief Economist Richard Brown NYA-8070
Secretary Lisa Peterson MB-4027A
Secretary Trudie Hurd


Secretary Vacant


Data and Resource Management
Data and Resource Management, Deputy Director Andrea Woolford Eley MB-4024
Planning and Resource Management Branch, Associate Director (Acting) Marlon Cook MB-4014
Administrative Program Management Section, Chief Brian Johnson MB-4016
Strategic Planning & Internal Controls Section, Chief Arlinda Sothoron MB-4032
Publications & IT Operations Section, Chief Peggi Gill MB-4020

Large Data Management Section, Chief

Jacques Vilar 3701-6094
Statistics Branch,  Associate Director (Acting) Alan Deaton 3701-6068
Secretary Toni Holloman-Spinner 3701-6071C
Data Applications Section, Chief Jennifer Martinez 3701-6038
Data Management Section,  Chief Pat Relich 3701-6022
Data Strategy Section, Chief (Acting) Chad Boggan 3701-6062

Data Collection and Analysis Section, Chief (Call Reports)

Edward Christovich 3701-6086
Research and International Affairs

Research & International Affairs, Deputy Director

Fred Carns NYA-8016 & MB-4004

Center for Financial Research Branch, Associate Director (Acting)

Jack Reidhill


Banking Research Section, Chief

Rosalind Bennett NYA-8026

Special  Studies Section, Chief (Acting)

Smith Williams NYA-8045

Quantitative Risk Analysis Section, Chief

Stefan Jacewitz


Financial Modeling & Research Section, Chief

Jon Pogach NYA-8050

International Affairs, Chief


Office of International Affairs, Protocol Officer

Susan Randall NYA-8014
Risk Analysis and Pricing
Risk Analysis and Pricing, Deputy Director (Acting) Pat Mitchell MB-4036
Financial Risk Management Branch, Associate Director Matthew Green


Large Bank Pricing Section, Chief Scott Ciardi


Fund Analysis and Pricing Section, Chief

Robert Grohal

Banking & Regulatory Policy Section, Chief Munsell St. Clair MB-4022

Regional Operations, Associate Director (Acting)

Shayna Olesiuk


Region I, Assistant Director (Acting)

Robert DiChiara

Region II, Assistant Director John Anderlik *
Risk Analysis Branch, Associate Director Philip Shively


Secretary Carol Terry-Obikwelu NYA-8049B

Economic Analysis Section, Chief

Krishna Patel NYA-8074
Financial Analysis Section, Chief Margaret Hanrahan NYA-8080
* Physically located in the Kansas City Regional Office, 1100 Walnut Street, Suite 2100, Kansas City, MO 64106
** Physically located in the New York Regional Office, 350 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10118-0110

Legal Division

Office of the General Counsel
General Counsel Charles Yi MB-3034
Secretary Willie B. Donaldson MB-3035a
Special Assistant Carol L. Middlebrook MB-3046
Complex Financial Institutions Section
Complex Financial Institutions Section, Assistant General Counsel David N. Wall F-1058
Secretary Michelle Adams F-1063a
Resolution & International Unit, Senior Counsel Pauline Calande F-1084
Monitoring Unit, Supervisory Counsel Bruce Hickey F-1056
Consumer, Enforcement/Employment, Insurance & Legislation Branch
Deputy General Counsel Roberta K. McInerney MB-3044
Secretary Connie Evans MB-3049a
Legislation, Regulations, & Opinions Section, Assistant General Counsel Ruth Amberg MB-3134
Assessments and Legislation Section, Senior Counsel Sheikha Kapoor (Acting) MB-3080
Assessments and Legislation Unit, Supervisory Counsel William Piervincenzi MB-3082
Secretary Kathy Cox MB-3133b
Opinions Unit, Senior Counsel Matthew Kepniss VS-D-8066
Consumer Section, Assistant General Counsel James L. Anderson MB-3100
Secretary Stephanie Downing MB-3101a
Consumer/Compliance Unit, Senior Counsel Michael W. Briggs MB-3024
Secretary Rose Cummings MB-3127a
Consumer/Enforcement Unit, Senior Counsel Marguerite Sagatelian F-2084
Consumer/Enforcement Unit, Supervisory Counsel Seth Rosebrock F-2012
Consumer/Compliance Group, Supervisory Counsel Richard Foley MB-3118
Labor, Employment, & Administration Section, Assistant General Counsel Harrel M. Pettway VS-D-6134
Secretary Barbara Green VS-D-6141a
Employment Unit II, Senior Counsel William S. Jones VS-E-6022
Secretary Brandi Jones VS-D6117b
Labor Unit, Senior Counsel Saul Y. Schwartz VS-D-6126
Secretary Dora Lindsay VS-D6123a
Labor and Employment Field Unit, Supervisory Counsel (HQS) Christine Svevar VS-D6132
Secretary Vacant VS-D-6089d
Administration Unit, Manager Susan Marone VS-D-6088
Management Group, Supervisory Administrative Specialist Vacant  
Enforcement Section, Assistant General Counsel A. T. Dill MB-3030
Secretary Deborah Peterson MB-3025d
Enforcement Unit I, Supervisory Counsel Sam Ozeck MB-3106
Enforcement Unit II, Supervisory Counsel Andrea Winkler MB-3084
Litigation and Resolutions Branch
Deputy General Counsel Richard Osterman, Jr. MB-3038
Secretary Debra Hendricks VS-D-7145a
Receivership Section, Assistant General Counsel R. Penfield Starke VS-E-7018
Secretary Renee Matthews VS-E-7121b
Professional Liability and Financial Crimes Section, Assistant General Counsel Floyd I. Robinson VS-B-7048
Secretary Vacant  
Professional Liability and Financial Crimes Section, Senior Counsel Melanie Coates VS-B-7036
Professional Liability Group I, Supervisory Counsel Emily E. Sommers VS-B-7086
Professional Liability Group II, Supervisory Counsel Michael Pollack VS-B-7080
Professional Liability Group III, Supervisory Counsel Roberta Koss VS-B-7044
Professional Liability Group IV, Supervisory Counsel Leonard DePasquale VS-B-7058
Professional Liability Group V, Supervisory Counsel Dominic Arni VS-B-7064
Financial Crimes Group, Supervisory Counsel Jock Banks VS-E-7110
Secretary Gloria Massey VS-E-7111a
Receivership Policy Unit, Senior Counsel Thomas Bolt VS-E-7024
Receivership Policy Group, Supervisory Counsel Elizabeth Falloon VS-E-7136
Special Issues Unit, Senior Counsel David M. Gearin VS-E-7056
Secretary Yolanda King-Brown VS-E-7095b
Special Issues Group, Supervisory Counsel Kathleen Russo VS-E-7098
General Litigation Section, Assistant General Counsel Colleen J. Boles VS-D-7016
Secretary Brenda Cohen VS-D-7015a
Appellate Litigation Unit, Senior Counsel Kathryn R. Norcross VS-D-7002
Commercial Litigation Unit I, Senior Counsel B. Amon James VS-D-7090
Secretary Brandi Akingbemi VS-D-7077c
Commercial Litigation Unit II, Senior Counsel Ashley Doherty VS-D-7056
Corporate Litigation Unit, Senior Counsel Barbara Katron VS-D-7020
Secretary Gina Stuart VS-D-7025b
Supervision & Corporate Operations Branch
Deputy General Counsel Marilyn Anderson (Acting) MB-3042
Secretary Willa Allen MB-3035b
Bank Activities Section, Senior Counsel Robert Fick MB-3130
Secretary Emmanuel Monteau MB-3025a
Bank Activities Unit I, Supervisory Counsel A. Ann Johnson Taylor MB-3102
Bank Activities Unit II, Supervisory Counsel Mark Flanigan MB-3116
Open Bank/Regional Affairs Section, Assistant General Counsel Marilyn Anderson MB-3138
Secretary Maria Fowler MB-3133a
Corporate and Legal Operations Section, Assistant General Counsel Henry R. F. Griffin VS-D-8074
Secretary, Detail Debra White-Bradford VS-D-8073a
Legal Information Technology Unit, Assistant General Counsel Thomas J. Feeney VS-D-6126
Litigation Support Group, Supervisory Counsel Jason Ballard VS-E-6116
Operations Group, Supervisory IT Specialist Stephanie D. Jones VS-E-6096
Systems Group, Supervisory IT Specialist Luis H. Echeverria VS-E-6122
Contracts and Risk Management Unit, Senior Counsel Stephen M. Hanas VS-E-6094
Secretary Eyvonne Bryant VS-E-6093a
Contracts and Leasing Group, Supervisory Counsel Robin Redfield VS-E-6090
Secretary Debra Coney VS-E-6043a
Risk Management Group, Supervisory Counsel Andre Douek VS-D-6090
Secretary Vacant VS-D-6089a
Outside Counsel Management Group, Supervisory Counsel Carl A. Polvinale VS-E-6044
Secretary Bettina McClendon VS-E-6043b
Research and Records Group, Supervisory Legal Research Specialist Terry J. Hopkins VS-E-6052
Executive Secretary Section, Associate General Counsel/Executive Secretary Robert E. Feldman F-1058
Secretary Barbara Williams F-1054
Ethics Unit, Ethics Program Manager Robert J. Fagan VS-D-8034
Operations Unit, Supervisory Counsel Valerie J. Best F-1084
Operations Unit, Supervisory Counsel Ralph Frable F-1070

Division of Depositor and Consumer Protection

Director Mark Pearce F-8000
Special Assistant (Acting) David Lafleur F-8082
Administrative Management and Operations
Associate Director Nikita Smith F-8032
Chief, Information Security and Technology Systems Roger Congress F-7044
Chief, Administrative Management Services Kathleen Duffy F-8028
Chief, Internal Control & Review Lorraine Rushing F-8022
Program Manager, SOURCE Penelope Sicilia CH-11066
Compliance & CRA Examinations and Enforcement
Senior Deputy Director Sylvia Plunkett F-8014
Special Assistant Lekeshia Frasier F-8010
Atlanta Office, Regional Director Michael Dean Atlanta
Atlanta Office, Regional Deputy Director Phyllis Patton Atlanta
Dallas/Memphis Office, Regional Director Kristie Elmquist Dallas
Dallas/Memphis Office, Deputy Regional Director Julie Banfield Dallas
Chicago Office, Regional Director M. Anthony Lowe Chicago
Chicago Office, Deputy Regional Director Teresa Sabanty Chicago
Kansas City Office, Regional Director Jim LaPierre Kansas City
Kansas City Office, Deputy Regional Director Todd Hendrickson Kansas City
New York Office, Regional Director John Vogel New York
New York/Boston Office, Deputy Regional Director Scott Strockoz New York
San Francisco Office, Regional Director Stan Ivie San Francisco
San Francisco Office, Deputy Regional Director Frank Hartigan San Francisco
Compliance & CRA Examinations Branch, Associate Director Dianne Dixon F-8076
Fair Lending & CRA Examinations, Chief (Acting) David Evans F-8078
Consumer Compliance & UDAP Examinations, Chief Patricia Cashman F-8056
Consumer Protection and Community Affairs
Deputy Director Elizabeth Ortiz F-6012
Special Assistant (Acting) Irma Matias F-6010
Community Affairs Branch, Associate Director Janet Gordon F-6006
Outreach & Program Development Section, Chief Luke Reynolds F-6000
Community Affairs Section, Chief (Acting) Angelisa Harris F-6024
Consumer Protection Branch, Associate Director Joni Creamean F-6074
Consumer Affairs Section, Chief Susan Potkai Boenau F-6054
Deposit Insurance Section, Chief Martin Becker F-6070
Consumer Response Center Section, Chief (Acting) Marianne Hartman Kansas City
Policy & Research
Deputy Director Jonathan Miller F-7067
Special Assistant Shamara Humbles F-7081
Supervisory Policy Branch, Associate Director Luke Brown F-7058
Supervisory Policy Section 1, Chief Surya Sen F-7052
Supervisory Policy Section 2, Chief Paul Robin F-7070
Consumer Research and Examination Analytics Branch, Associate Director Keith Ernst F-7028
Consumer Research and Examination Analytics Section 1, Chief Karyen Chu F-7014
Consumer Research and Examination Analytics Section 2, Chief Lariece Brown F-7032

Division of Finance

Director Craig Jarvill VS-D-4088
Secretary Moira McQuillen VS-D-4091A
Special Assistant Arthur Murphy VS-D-4126
Administrative Staff, Manager Richard Sousane VS-D-4090
Financial Operations
Deputy Director Thompson Sawyer VS-D-4128
Special Assistant A. Renee Clyburn VS-D-4132
Treasury Management Branch Dennis Warnke VS-E-5038
Funding and Investments Unit, Team Leader David R. Wiley VS-E-5064
Treasury Operations Section, Manager Thomas Greene VS-E-5040
Disbursement Operations Section, Manager Craig Sweeney VS-D-4020
Receipts, Receivables, & Vendor Maintenance Section, Manager DaMita R. Hameen VS-D-4036
Travel Services Section, Manager Stephen O'Neill VS-D-4028
Deputy Director Donna Saulnier VS-E-5080
Special Assistant Thomas D. Hesselbrock VS-E-5076
Senior Assessment Specialist Dennis M. Probst VS-E-5088
Assessment Operations Section, Manager Jithu Kamuni VS-E-5082
Assessment Policy Section, Manager Jeffrey Owens VS-E-5094
Assessment Compliance Section, Manager Bruce Halper VS-E-5098
Deputy Director Karen Hughes VS-D-5118
Special Assistant Barbara Glasby VS-D-5126
Accounting Operations Branch Samuel Forkkio VS-D-5082
General Ledger Operations & Control Section, Manager Alvin Shelton VS-D-5088
Resolution Valuation & Analysis Section, Manager Robert Ferrer VS-D-5002
Receivership Support Section, Manager Cynthia Vandament VS-D5016
Accounting Services Branch, Manager James Anderson VS-D-5022
Financial Reporting and Analysis Section, Manager Paul Covas VS-D-5038
NFE Servicing and Control Section, Manager Laurel Parham VS-D-5036
Accounting and Tax Policy Section, Manager Vanessa Hester VS-D-5080
Corporate Planning & Performance Management
Deputy Director

Thomas E. Peddicord III VS-E-5018
Program Assistant Paula A. Schulz VS-E-5013A
Assistant Director Robert C. Nolan VS-E-5016
Program Analysis and Reporting Section, Manager Peter C. Hull VS-E-5004
Information Management Section, Manager Sherri Roberson VS-E-5114
Management Reporting and Analysis Section, Manager Kenneth E. Bobik VS-E-5020
Corporate Management Control
Deputy Director James H. Angel, Jr. VS-D-6142
Assistant Director Vacant  
Corporate Management Control, Manager Elroy S. Holden VS-D-6138
Process Improvement, Manager Susan E. Koepp VS-D-6020

Division of Administration

Director Arleas Upton Kea VS-E-4094
Special Assistant to the Director Jerie Kitchens VS-E-4056
Administrative Assistant Penny Bouknight VS-E-4055D
Strategic, Resource and Regional Coordination
Deputy Director Julia Goodall VS-E-4054
Acquisition Services Branch
Deputy Director Thomas D. Harris VS-E-4020
Special Assistant to the Deputy Director Jill A. Ballina VS-E-4030
Corporate Contracting Section, Assistant Director Trisha M. Bursey VS-E-4100
Administrative & Resolution Section I, Assistant Director Jennifer Schoen VS-E-4012
Administrative & Resolution Section II, Assistant Director Sandra Rowe 06100
Policy and Systems Section, Assistant Director Julie Rothermel VS-E-4018
Corporate Services Branch
Deputy Director Ron Bell VS-E-3076
Special Assistant to the Deputy Director Erin Mettee VS-E-3074
Support Services Section, Assistant Director Rochelle K. Myles Galloway VS-E-3044
Graphic Design and Printing Unit, Chief Patricia D. Hughes VS-B-6022
Copy Center Group, Chief Lillie Howard VS-P1-042
Records and Information Management Unit, Supervisory Management Analyst Deborah Allen VS-E-3042
Mail and Supply Unit, Chief Eric R. Aiken VS-P1-1096
Library & Public Information Section, Assistant Director R. Teresa Neville MB-4068
Reference & Electronic Info. Unit, Chief Vacant  
Public Information Unit, Chief Art McQuade VS-E-1014
Space Mgmt. & Special Services Section, Assistant Director Rex C. Anderson VS-E-3080
Space Planning Unit, Chief Gwenn E. Marley VS-E-3082
Special Services Unit, Chief Christine Davis VS-E-3084
Facilities Operations Section, Assistant Director Brian Yellin VS-E-3068
VASQ Operations Unit, Chief Fran Pinto VS-A-1002
DC Operations Timothy Eller MB-7116
Security & Emergency Preparedness Section, Assistant Director Aida Perez VS-E-3102
Security Operations Unit, Chief David Peterson VS-E-3006
Transportation Unit, Chief Dwight Wilson VS-D-1038
Human Resources Branch
Acting Deputy Director Avelino Rodriguez VS-D-3042
Associate Director Ira Kitmacher VS-D-3028
Senior Advisor (Human Resources) Edward Chmielowski VS-D-3036
Benefits Center, Assistant Director Kathleen Tesi VS-A-1050
Benefits Program Administration, Supervisory Benefits Specialist Carol Martin VS-B-6052
Benefits Operations, Supervisory Benefits Specialist Ashley Elder VS-A-1050
HR Service Center, Assistant Director Linda Kirton VS-D-3142
Staffing & Classification Program Administration, Supervisory HR Specialist Donna Burgess VS-D-3138
Headquarters HR Operations, Human Resources Officer Monica Cain VS-D-3002
HR Information Management & Payroll, Supervisory HR Specialist (Info. Systems) Renaldo Johnson VS-D-3020
Acting Chief, Labor & Employee Relations Mark Buck VS-D-2014
Acting Chief, Strategic HR, Performance Management and Compensation Joan Jorgenson VS-E-3026
Management Services Branch
Assistant Director Daniel H. Bendler VS-E-4040
Management & Administrative Support Section, Chief Vacant  
Information Support Section, Chief Jingxiao Feng VS-E-4042
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Division of Information Technology

Director Russell G. Pittman VS-A-7074
Acting Special Assistant Valerie Baltimore VS-A7078
Secretary to the Director Deborah Vasatka VS-A7076A
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Business Administration Branch
Deputy Director Steven P. Anderson VS-A-7066
Special Assistant Jacquelyn Wharton VS-A-7070
Student Intern Kierra Simmons VS-A-7073A
Program Management Office, Chief Howard Pope VS-A-6068
Management Services Section, Chief Charlotte A. Flynn VS-A-7056
Audit and Internal Control Section, Chief Rack D. Campbell VS-A-6066
Sourcing and Financial Services Section, Chief Gary B. Sarsfield VS-A-6048
Infrastructure Management Section, Chief Marc Felton VS-A-6130
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Delivery Management Branch
Deputy Director Noreen Padilla 3701-05036

Special Assistant

Richard Gamble


Program Assistant Diane Green 3701-05033a
Business Analysis Section, Assistant Director Elizabeth Ousley 3701-04022
Project Management Section A, Assistant Director Ronald Pferchy 3701-05022
Project Management Section B, Assistant Director Gregg Aldana 3701-05068
Project Management Section C, Assistant Director Mark Watson 3701-04090
Software Engineering Support and Web Technologies Section, Chief Michael W. Davis 3701-04074
Software Quality, Configuration and Release Management Section, Acting Chief Mary Gillman 3701-04066
Insurance & Supervision Application, Chief Christopher Ashe 3701-05096
Receivership & Operations Applications Section Richard F. Kreiner 3701-05088
Strategic Resources Management Applications Section Chief John G. Johnson 3701-04038
Enterprise Document Management Service Center Chief Cristal Perpignan 3701-05072
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Enterprise Technology Branch
Deputy Director Kenneth Weaver VS-A-6098
Special Assistant Roanne Shaddox VS-A-7088
Program Assistant Roxanne L. Girard VS-A-7092A
Enterprise Architecture Program Section, Assistant Director Linda Abood VS-A-6124
Enterprise Information Management Section, Chief Fits Goitom VS-B-5054
Enterprise Strategies and Measurements Section, Chief Vacant  
Business Intelligence Service Center, Chief David Lanphear VS-A-6020
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Infrastructure Services Branch
Deputy Director John S. Kidd VS-A-7090
Special Assistant William Harral VS-A-7002
Program Assistant Vacant  
Operations Section, Assistant Director Ralph W. Hofmann VS-A-4088
Engineering Section, Assistant Director Sanjeev Purohit VS-A-4088
Development and Engineering Support Section, Chief James Mulroe VS-A-4002
Client Services Section, Assistant Director Karen Keats VS-B-6096
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Office of Inspector General

Acting Inspector General Fred W. Gibson VS-E-9060
Principal Deputy Inspector General Vacant
Administrative Support Specialist Jo Anne King VS-E-9068
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Office of Counsel
Counsel to the Inspector General John A. Davidovich VS-E-9042
Office Support Specialist Terrie Supples VS-E-E9047a
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Office of Management
Assistant Inspector General for Management Debra L. Schweikert VS-E-9032
Deputy Assistant Inspector General Trina F. Petty VS-E-9106
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Office of Audits & Evaluations
Deputy Inspector General Stephen M. Beard VS-E-8074
Office Support Specialist Janice A. Baltimore VS-E-8063
Assistant Inspector General for Audits Mark F. Mulholland VS-E-8040
Audit Manager Lisa Conner ENG-37050
Audit Manager Vacant  
Audit Manager Joseph Nelson VS-E-8086
Assistant Inspector General for Evaluations Marshall Gentry VS-D-9118
Evaluations Manager Jill Lennox VS-D-9116
Evaluations Manager Ann Lewis VS-D-9122
Evaluations Manager Michael Stevens VS-D-9014
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Office of Investigations
Assistant Inspector General for Investigations Matthew T. Alessandrino VS-D-9080
Deputy Assistant Inspector General for Investigations Vacant  
Criminal Research Specialist Kea Parker VS-D-9081
Electronic Crimes/Special Agent-In-Charge James H. Chappell VS-D-9040
Chicago Region/Special Agent-In-Charge Joseph E. Moriarty N1715
Kansas City Region/Special Agent-In-Charge David Anderson 1912
New York Region/Special Agent-In-Charge Francis L. Mace 12010
Atlanta Region/Special Agent-In-Charge Jason T. Moran 706
Dallas Region/Special Agent-In-Charge Laurie L. Younger ENG-37004
San Francisco Region/Special Agent-In-Charge Wade V. Walters 922
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Corporate University

Director & Chief Learning Officer Suzannah Susser VS-A-3094
Special Assistant Beth Wiggins VS-A-3092
Education Program Specialist Jone Papinchock VS-A-3078
Administrative Assistant Elena R. Taylor VS-A-3093
Educational Support Services
Assistant Director Gloria Paris VS-A-3070
Corporate Employee Program (CEP)
Director, Corporate Employee Program (CEP) Wayne M. Evans VS-A-3062
Acting Chief, CEP Performance Management Pamela Stallings VS-A-3030
Acting Chief, CEP Program Administration Steven L. Cooper VS-B-3011
Deputy Director
Deputy Director Dawne Singer VS-A-3026
Chief, School of Examination, Monitoring & Insurance (Design) Peter Neville VS-A-3012
Chief, School of Examination, Monitoring & Insurance (Operations) Lavore Richmond VS-A-3024
Chief, School of Leadership Development (Operations) Terry Zack VS-B-6060
Associate Dean, School of Leadership Development (Faculty) J. Basil Read VS-A-3096
Chief, School of Corporate Operations Hudson Jackson VS-A-3034
Associate Chief Learning Officer, School of Resolutions & Receiverships Steve Cooper VS-B-3011
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Office of Complex Financial Institutions

Director Arthur J. Murton F-3080
Senior Deputy Director Maureen E. Sweeney F-3082
Corporate Expert Joe Fellerman F-5004
Organizational Planning & Resource Management
Assistant Director Krista Hughes F-5060
Systemic Resolution & Planning Implementation Branch
Deputy Director Herbert Held F-5014
Resolution Planning I
(Acting) Associate Director John P. Conneely F-5030
Resolution Planning II
Associate Director Ryan Tetrick F-5082
Resolution Policy Branch
Deputy Director Ricardo Delfin F-3000
Associate Director Vacant  
International Planning & Outreach Branch
Deputy Director William C. Murden F-3010
International Planning, Coordination & Outreach
Associate Director Frederick A. Tarpley, III F-3010

Office of Minority and Women Inclusion

Director Segundo Pereira VS-E-2104
Senior Deputy Director Melodee Brooks VS-E-2098
Special Assistant to the Director Tracie D. Lee VS-E-2010
Secretary Marva Vincent VS-E-2011C
Deputy Director Leslie R. Crawford VS-E-2096
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Diversity and Affirmative Employment Branch
Diversity and Affirmative Employment Branch, Chief Anthony Pagano VS-E-2094
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Complaints Processing Branch
Complaints Processing Branch, Chief Michael Moran VS-E-2068
Minority and Woman Business & Diversity Inclusion Branch
Minority & Woman Business & Diversity Inclusion Branch, Chief Victor Christiansen VS-D-4122
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Office of Communications

Deputy to the Chairman for Communications Barbara Hagenbaugh MB-2116
Secretary Millicent Kaplan MB-7101
Editorial Section, Assistant Director Elizabeth A. Ford MB-7098
Media Section, Assistant Director David Barr MB-7084
Administrative Officer Towanna Chapman MB-6080
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Office of Legislative Affairs

Director Eric Spitler MB-6076
Deputy Director Vacant  
Congressional Correspondence Unit, Congressional Information Specialist Lali Crampton MB-6119
Legislative Attorney/Advisor Kathleen Brueger MB-6070
Legislative Attorney/Advisor Ike Jones MB-6078
Legislative Attorney/Advisor M. Andy Jiminez MB-6072
Legislative Advisor Vacant MB-6068
Legislative Advisor Peggy Kuhn MB-6074
Administrative Officer Towanna Chapman MB-6080
Legislative Information Assistant Fay Napper MB-6073B
Congressional Information Specialist Sally Wood MB-6125
Information Assistant Temisha McDonald MB-6073A
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Office of the Ombudsman

Ombudsman Cottrell L. Webster VS-E-2022
Secretary Priscilla Lee VS-E-2023A
Administrative Officer Matthew Blanchard VS-E-2046
Operations and Policy Branch, Associate Ombudsman Gordon Talbot VS-E-2024
Outreach Services Branch, Associate Ombudsman Rickey L. McCullough VS-E-2048
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Office of Corporate Risk Management

Chief Risk Officer Stephen A. Quick MB-6036
Deputy Director Andrew Stirling  
Administrative Assistant Vacant  
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Regional/Field Offices

Atlanta Regional Offices

10 Tenth Street, NE, Suite 800, Atlanta, GA 30309-3906
Toll-free: (800) 765-3342
Local: (678) 916-2200
Area of responsibility: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia

Division of Risk Management Supervision

Regional Director
Michael J. Dean (678) 916-2244
Deputy Regional Director
John P. Henrie (678) 916-2220

Field Offices

Albany, GA
(229) 446-8616
Atlanta, GA
(678) 916-2200
Charlotte, NC
(704) 333-3132
Columbia, SC
(803) 731-9213 / 0619
Gainesville, FL
(352) 331-6088
Montgomery, AL
(334) 277-5560
Pensacola, FL
(850) 476-2012
Raleigh, NC
(919) 787-8727
Richmond, VA
(804) 672-1414
Scott Depot
Scott Depot, WV
(304) 757-6625
Birmingham, AL
(205) 733-9860
South Florida
Sunrise, FL
(954) 858-1499
Wesley Chapel, FL
Pooler, GA
(912) 330-0591
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Legal Division

Regional Counsel
Andrea Fulton Toliver (678) 916-2268, Suite 979
Deputy Regional Counsel
Lynn R. Dadisman (678) 916-2258, Suite 979
(Labor & Employment Field Unit)

Duane Pitt (678) 916-2290, Suite 860

Division of Administration

Regional Manager
Kathryn Mattus (678) 916-2312
Chief, Corporate Services Branch
Greg Potz (678) 916-2318
Human Resources Officer,
Human Resources Branch

Michael Blaylock (678) 916-2235

Division of Information Technology

Atlanta Client Services Section, Chief
David L. Alley (678) 916-2280

Division of Resolutions and Receiverships

Resolutions & Closings Manager
C. Pebble Connelly (678) 916-2246

Division of Insurance and Research

Regional Manager
Marlon G. Cook (678) 916-2171

Office of Inspector General

Special Agent-In-Charge (Investigations)
Southeast Region
C. Ed Slagle (678) 916-2358

Office of the Ombudsman

Regional Ombudsman
Edith Fulcher (678)-916-2184
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Boston Area Office

15 Braintree Hill Office Park, Suite 200, Braintree, MA 02184-8701
Toll-free: (866) 728-9953
Local: (781) 794-5500
Area of responsibility: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont

Division of Risk Management Supervision

Regional Director
John Vogel
Deputy Regional Director
Marianne Hatheway

Field Offices

Boston - North
Lexington, MA
(781) 274-8127
Boston - South
Foxboro, MA
(508) 698-0361
Concord, NH
(603) 224-3162
Rocky Hill, CT
(860) 563-4119
Springfield, MA
(413) 731-6457
* Physically located in the New York Regional Office, 350 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10118-0110

Legal Division

Regional Counsel
David A. Schecker (781) 794-5615, Suite 337
Deputy Regional Counsel
Anne K. DeSimone (781) 794-5541, Suite 339
(Labor & Employment Field Unit)

Judith H. Thomsen (781) 794-5782, Suite 323

Division of Administration

Regional Manager
Avelino Rodriguez (917) 320-2700
Chief, Corporate Services Branch
Karen Cieply (781) 794-5759
Human Resources Officer,
Human Resources Branch

Dan Nowell (917) 320-2800 *
* Physically located in the New York Regional Office, 350 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10118-0110

Division of Insurance and Research

Regional Manager
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Chicago Regional Office

300 South Riverside Plaza
Suite 1700
Chicago, IL 60606
Toll-free: (800) 944-5343
Local: (312) 382-6000
Area of responsibility: Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin

Division of Risk Management Supervision

Regional Director
National Coordinator for the FDIC's Minority
Depository Institutions (MDI) Program
M. Anthony Lowe (312) 382-7552
Deputy Regional Director
(Risk Management)

Lynn B. Dallin (312) 382-7506

Field Offices

Appleton, WI
(920) 733-1009
Champaign, IL
(217) 352-2228
Downers Grove, IL
(630) 241-0359
Columbus, Ohio
(614) 985-1970
Livonia, MI
(734) 462-2484
Eau Claire
Eau Claire, WI
(715) 834-3821
Elizabethtown, KY
(270) 765-5189
Grand Rapids
Grand Rapids, MI
(616) 942-8391
Hopkinsville, KY
(270) 886-5258
Indianapolis, IN
(317) 576-5785
Lexington, KY
(859) 264-1969 X4501
Middleton, WI
(608) 833-0737
Brookfield, WI
(262) 879-0831
Mount Vernon
Mount Vernon, IL
(618) 244-5660
Princeton, IL
(815) 875-2319
Springfield, IL
(217) 793-1280
Cincinnati, OH
(513) 745-0791
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Legal Division

Regional Counsel
Timothy E. Divis (312) 382-6515, Suite N1710
Deputy Regional Counsel
Louis J. DiPietro (312) 382-6555, Suite N1709
(Labor & Employment Field Unit)

John H. Schwab (312) 382-6503, Suite C1700

Division of Administration

Regional Manager
Diane Fier (312) 382-6271
Chief, Corporate Services Branch
Paul Vangelisti (847) 273-0878
Human Resources Officer,
Human Resources Branch

Tamara Adams (312) 382-6808

Division of Information Technology

Chicago Client Services Section, Chief
Kenneth Briscoe (847) 273-0850

Division of Resolutions and Receiverships

Resolutions & Closings Manager
Greg Watson (312) 382-7594

Division of Insurance and Research

Regional Manager
Eric Robbins 312 382-7545

Office of Inspector General

Special Agent-In-Charge (Investigations)
Chicago Region


Office of the Ombudsman

Regional Ombudsman
Daniel Marcotte (312)-382-6908
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Dallas Regional Office

1601 Bryan Street, Dallas, TX 75201
Toll-free: (800) 568-9161
Local: (214) 754-0098
Area of responsibility: Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas

Division of Risk Management Supervision

Regional Director
Kristie K. Elmquist
(972) 761-8215
Deputy Regional Director (Risk Management)
Serena Owens
(972) 761-8200

Field Offices

Albuquerque, NM
(505) 292-9959
Austin, Texas.
(512) 345-7153
Dallas, TX
(214) 754-0098
Denver, CO
(303) 779-0204
Houston, TX
(281) 248-4138
Lubbock, TX
(806) 698-0228
Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 843-6986
Tulsa, OK
(918) 254-0093

Legal Division

Regional Counsel
(Litigation and Resolutions Branch)

Donald B. McKinley (972) 761-8280, ENG-15100
Deputy Regional Counsel
(Litigation and Resolutions Branch)

Robert Bracken (972) 761-8258, ENG-15086
Counsel (Section Chief)
(Asset Management)

John Carlisle,
(972) 761-8129, ENG-35134

Counsel (Section Chief)
(Asset Disposition and Receivership Management)
Frederic A. Ortiz (972) 761-8129, ENG-15004
Counsel (Section Chief) (Resolutions and Receiverships)
Victoria Dancy (972) 761-2501, ENG-15002
Litigation, Professional Liability & Finanicial Crimes Management Counsel (Section Chief)
Miriam Aguiar (972) 761-2283, ENG-15052
Profesional Liability & Financial Crimes Unit Acting Counsel (Section Chief)
Karren Prasifka
(972) 761-2156
(Labor & Employment Field Unit)
Sharon Davis (972) 761-2121, ENG 36024
(Corporate & Legal Operations Section, Contracting & Leasing Group)

R. J. Hobby (972) 761-8148, ENG-6130
Regional Counsel
(Supervision and Legislation)
Stephen C. Zachary (972) 761-2626, ENG-37100
Deputy Regional Counsel (Supervision and Legislation)
Carey R. DeMoss (972) 761-2625, ENG-37112
Administrative Officer
Deborah Slone (972) 761-8260, ENG-15088
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Division of Administration

Regional Manager
Stephen C. Kane (972) 761-2185
Assistant Regional Manager
Corporate Services Branch
Debra S. Jones (972) 761-2183

Human Resources Officer,
Human Resources Branch

Candy Capper (972) 761-2135

Division of Information Technology

Dallas Client Services Section, Regional Manager
Cheri Sims (972)761-2552

Division of Resolutions and Receiverships

Deputy Director
Randy Taylor (972) 761-8555
Associate Director
(Franchise and Asset Marketing)

Cheryl Bates (972) 761-8573
Associate Director
(Receivership Operations)

Frank Campagna (972) 761-8025
Chief Resource Management
Sandra Carroll (972) 761-4230
Associate Director
(Business Operations Support)

David Cooley (972) 761-8638
Assistant Director
(Institution and Asset Sales - Asset Marketing & Management)

Dan Walker (972) 761-2215
Assistant Director
(Institution and Asset Sales - Monitoring & Risk Analysis)

Arthur Cook (972) 761-8383
Assistant Director
(Strategic Operations)

Assistant Director
(Institution and Asset Sales - Franchise Marketing Analysis)

Ken Blincow (972) 761-8207
(Internal Review)

Rick Hoffman (972) 761-8198
Assistant Director
(Claims Administration)

Janice Hearn (972) 761-8635
(Receivership Oversight)

Rick Hoffman (972) 761-8198

Division of Insurance and Research

Regional Manager
Alan C. Bush (972) 761-2072

Office of Inspector General

Special Agent-In-Charge (Investigations)
Western Region

Laurie L. Younger (972) 761-2618

Office of the Ombudsman

Regional Ombudsman
Marvin B. Payne (972)-761-2301

Corporate University/Dallas Learning Center

Associate Chief Learning Officer
Steve Cooper (972) 761-2965
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Kansas City Regional Office

1100 Walnut St, Suite 2100
Kansas City, MO 64106
Toll-free: (800) 209-7459
Local: (816) 234-8000
Area of responsibility: Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota
Office of Inspector General (Kansas City)
Special Agent-In-Charge (Investigations)
Kansas City Region

Division of Risk Management Supervision

(Kansas City)
Regional Director
James D. LaPierre (816) 234-8170
Deputy Regional Director
(Risk Management)

Mark Moylan (816) 234-8569

Field Offices

(Kansas City)
Cedar Rapids
Hiawatha, IA
(319) 395-7394
Columbia, MO
(573) 875-6620
Des Moines
West Des Moines, IA
(515) 222-0254
Fargo, ND
(701) 235-3160
Grand Forks
Grand Forks, ND
(701) 746-8588
Grand Island
Grand Island, NE
(308) 381-1016
Hays, KS
(785) 628-1732
Kansas City
Kansas City, MO
(816) 234-8000
Mankato, MN
(507) 388-6318
New Hope, MN
(763) 531-0440
Omaha, NE
(402) 397-0142
Sioux City
Sioux City, IA
(712) 274-0054
Sioux Falls
Sioux Falls, SD
(605) 333-2051
Springfield, MO
(417) 882-2508
St. Louis
St. Louis, MO
(636) 536-9598
Wichita, KS
(316) 729-0301
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Legal Division

(Kansas City)
Regional Counsel
Deputy Regional Counsel
Edward G. Lanning (816) 234-8045, Suite 1221

Division of Administration

(Kansas City)
Regional Manager
Laura Lowry (816) 234-8070
Chief, Corporate Services Branch
Donald Forsyth (816) 234-8081 *
Human Resources Officer,
Human Resources Branch

William Carey (816) 234-8178
* Physically located in the San Francisco Regional Office, 25 Jessie Street at Ecker Square, Suite 2300, San Francisco, CA 94105-2780

Division of Information Technology

(Kansas City)
Kansas Client Services Section, Chief
Anthony Perry (312) 382-6543

Division of Resolutions and Receiverships

(Kansas City)
Resolutions & Closings Manager
James Meyer (816) 234-8106

Division of Insurance and Research

(Kansas City)
Regional Manager
Richard D. Cofer, Jr. (816) 234-8066

Office of the Ombudsman

(Kansas City)
Regional Ombudsman
Tricia Wynegar (816) 234-8091
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Memphis Area Office

6060 Primacy Parkway
Suite 300
Memphis, TN 38119
Toll-free: (800) 210-6354
Local: (901) 685-1603
Area of responsibility: Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee

Division of Risk Management Supervision

Regional Director
Kristi K. Elmquist (972) 761-8215
Deputy Regional Director (Risk Management)
Serena Owens
(972) 761-8200 *
Physically located in the Dallas Regional Office, 1601 Bryan Street, Dallas TX 75201-4586

Field Offices

Baton Rouge
Baton Rouge, LA
(225) 201-1715
Jackson, MS
(601) 992-5207
Knoxville, TN
(865) 670-9693
Little Rock
Little Rock, AR
(501) 228-6346
Memphis, TN
(901) 685-1603
Nashville, TN
(615) 391-0098
Shreveport, LA
(318) 868-6661
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Legal Division

Regional Counsel
Stephen C. Zachary (972) 761-2626, ENG-37100 *
Deputy Regional Counsel
Carey DeMoss (972) 761-2625, ENG-37112
* Physically located in the Dallas Regional Office, 1601 Bryan Street, Dallas TX 75201-4586

Division of Administration

Regional Manager
Stephen C. Kane (972) 761-2185 *
Assistant Regional Manager
Corporate Services Branch
Debra S. Jones (972) 761-2183 *

Human Resources Officer,
Human Resources Branch

Candy Capper (972) 761-2135 *

Corporate Services Branch
* Physically located in the Dallas Regional Office, 1601 Bryan Street, Dallas, TX 75201-4586

Division of Insurance and Research

Regional Manager
Gary L. Beasley (901) 821-5234
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New York Regional Office

350 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10118-0110
Toll-free: (800) 334-9593
Local: (917) 320-2500
Area of responsibility: Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands

Division of Risk Management Supervision

(New York)
Regional Director
John F. Vogel
(917) 320-2570
Acting Deputy Regional Director
Timothy D. Rich

Field Offices

(New York)
Columbia, MD
(410) 872-9024
Wilmington, DE
(302) 479-5180
Harrisburg, PA
(717) 671-8463
Monroe, NJ
(609) 860-6750
New York City
New York, NY
(917) 320-2749
Blue Bell, PA
(215) 591-9820
San Juan
San Juan, Puerto Rico
(787) 751-6954
Syracuse, NY
(315) 413-0030
Seven Fields, PA
(724) 742-1877
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Legal Division

(New York)
Regional Counsel
Ashby Hilsman (917) 320-2820, Suite 13090
Deputy Regional Counsel
G. Michael Saran (917) 320-2803, Suite 13030
Managing Attorney (LSO)
Carol S. Levy (917) 320-2860, Suite, 6048
(Labor & Employment Field Unit)

Judith H. Thomsen (917) 320-2508, Suite

Division of Administration

(New York)
Regional Manager
Avelino Rodriguez (917) 320-2700
Chief, Corporate Services Branch
Karen Cieply (781) 794-5759 *
Human Resources Officer,
Human Resources Branch

Dan Nowell (917) 320-2800
* Physically located in the Boston Area Office, 15 Braintree Hill Office Park, Braintree, MA 02184

Division of Information Technology

(New York)
New York Client Services Section, Chief
William Weber (917) 320-2660

Division of Resolutions and Receiverships

(New York)
Resolutions & Closings Manager
Bob Goff (917) 320-2890

Division of Insurance and Research

(New York)
Regional Manager
Robert M. DiChiara (917) 320-2735

Office of the Ombudsman

(New York)
Regional Ombudsman
Rodney D. Watson (917) 320-2699
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San Francisco Regional Office

25 Jessie Street at Ecker Square, Suite 2300,
San Francisco, CA, 94105-2780
Toll-free: (800) 756-3558
Local: (415) 546-0160
Area of responsibility: Alaska, Arizona, California, Guam, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming

Division of Risk Management Supervision

(San Francisco)
Regional Director
Stan Ivie (415) 808-8052
Deputy Regional Director
(Risk Management)

Kathy Moe
(415) 808-8019

Field Offices

(San Francisco)
Billings, MT
(406) 656-0079

Los Angeles - North
Monrovia, CA
(626) 359-7152
Los Angeles - West
Los Angeles, CA
(323) 545-9260
Orange County
Mission Viejo, CA
(949) 582-2858
Phoenix, AZ
(602) 275-3683
Lake Oswego, OR
(503) 598-0835
Roseville, CA
(916) 789-8580

Salt Lake City
Salt Lake City, UT
(801) 263-3090
San Francisco
San Francisco, CA
(415) 546-0160
Seattle, WA
(206) 284-1112
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Legal Division

(San Francisco)
Regional Counsel
Joseph J. Sano (415) 808-8177, SFR - 1412
Deputy Regional Counsel
Ivan Cintron (415) 808-8171
(Labor & Employment Field Unit)

Megan Borovicka (415) 808-8178

Division of Administration

(San Francisco)
Regional Manager
Joyce Yamasaki (415) 808-8155
Chief, Corporate Services Branch
Tom Zilka (415) 808-8223
Acting Human Resources Officer,
Human Resources Branch

Barbara Pfaffenberger (415) 808-8144
Office of Inspector General
Special Agent-In-Charge (Investigations)
Western Region
Wade V. Waters (415) 808-8215

Division of Information Technology

(San Francisco)
San Francisco Client Services Section, Acting Chief
Earl Bears (415) 808-8080

Division of Resolutions and Receiverships

(San Francisco)
Resolutions & Closings Manager
Mary Davidson (415) 808-8050

Division of Insurance and Research

(San Francisco)
Regional Manager
Shayna Olesiuk (415) 808-7962

Office of the Ombudsman

(San Francisco)
Regional Ombudsman
Terre E. Price (415) 808-8114