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2013 Directors College Breakout Module Summaries

Consumer Protection, CRA, Fair Lending, and Emerging Topics
This session will provide an executive summary of an institution’s consumer protection, CRA, and fair lending responsibilities.  Participants will also be provided with an overview of emerging issues in the consumer protection area.

Third-Party Risk and Vendor Management
Third-party arrangements can assist institutions in achieving key strategic objectives; however, they also present risks.  This module will cover the fundamental risks and director’s roles and responsibilities in overseeing third-party relationships.  In addition, associated regulatory expectations will be discussed.

Loan Participations and Credit Administration
This session will include presentations and a case study involving loan participations purchased and sold.  The presentation will include regulatory expectations and requirements, industry trends, and issues / concerns identified at financial institutions.  In addition, the session will include other areas routinely being discussed with lenders during examinations. 

Corporate Governance - Audit Programs
This session will look at the importance of audit programs, providing an overview of regulatory expectations and requirements for both internal and external audits.  In addition, the session will cover corporate governance matters, including the responsibilities of the Board of Directors and Audit Committee members.

Interest Rate Risk – The Balancing Act
This session will focus on asset / liability management practices in today’s challenging interest rate environment.  The session will discuss balance sheet trends, possible implications for long-term profitability, the importance of today’s strategic choices regarding asset composition and funding structure, and Board responsibilities.  Directors will have the opportunity to participate in a case study that covers some of the concepts discussed.

Emerging Technologies
During this session, some of the latest technology trends will be discussed.  Mobile banking, person-to-person and person-to-business payments, cloud computing, and distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks will be covered.  We will also discuss mobile RDC and two-way text messaging as part of this informative session.

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