Each depositor insured to at least $250,000 per insured bank

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Deposit Insurance Assessments

Download Invoices of Merged or Aquired Institutions

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If the "Assessment Statements/Official Correspondence" transaction is turned on, go to Step 1 below.
Select “Coordinator Functions” from the FDICconnect Business Center Menu
Select “Manage Transactions”
Click on the radio button (in the select column) next to “Assessment Statements/Official Correspondence”
Click the “Manage Transaction Users” button at the bottom of the screen
Select “Execute” in the “Privileges” column next to your name
Click the “Update Privileges” button at the bottom of the screen
Select “Menu” (located in the upper right corner) to return to the Business Center Menu

  1. Select Deposit Insurance Assessment
  2. Select Assessment Statements/Official Correspondence
  3. Click “View Acquired Institution(s) List” button
  4. Click the radio button next to the Certificate Number of the Acquired Institution you wish to view
  5. Press the “Select Institution” button at the bottom of the page
  6. Click the first blue underlined invoice number for the most current invoice of the acquired institution

Last Updated 07/16/2012 Assessments@fdic.gov