Map 2. Weak Deposit Growth Was Concentrated in the Midwest.

A map of the United States showing five-year compound growth change in deposits. The Growth change was 8.21 percent to 44.32 percent in Alaska, Nevada, Utah, Texas, South Dakota, Virginia, North Carolina, Delaware, and Rhode Island. It was 6.58 percent to 8.20 percent in Washington, Arizona, Wyoming, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina. It was 4.42 percent to 6.57 percent in Oregon, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Colorado, New Mexico, Kansas, Arkansas, Alabama, Pennsylvania, and New York. It was 3.53 percent to 4.41 percent in Hawaii, California, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Illinois, Wisconsin, Tennessee, West Virginia, Maryland, and Maine. It was minus 4.96 percent to 3.52 percent in Minnesota, Iowa, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, New Jersey, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.