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2013 Annual Performance Plan

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Chairman's Message

As we mark the 80th anniversary of the establishment of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), I am pleased to present the FDIC’s 2013 Annual Performance Plan that outlines our goals and priorities for the year.

Our 2012 Annual Report describes in detail a comprehensive array of accomplishments by the FDIC last year in fulfilling our core mission responsibilities.  During 2013, as we move beyond the recent financial crisis, we will continue to look to the future by building on several major 2012 priorities and accomplishments.

  • We will continue our efforts to ensure that the FDIC is prepared to fulfill its mission responsibilities under the Dodd-Frank Act to plan for and, if necessary, carry out the orderly liquidation of a systemically important financial institution that fails, including an institution that is globally active and requires extensive cross-border coordination and cooperation.
  • We will follow up on our Community Banking Study and other initiatives that were completed last year by pursuing and disseminating the findings of further research related to the community banking sector; reviewing on an ongoing basis our examination and rulemaking processes to identify additional ways to promote greater efficiency, consistency, and transparency in our supervisory processes without compromising our supervisory standards; and developing technical assistance for community banks.
  • We will continue our economic inclusion initiatives to expand access to mainstream financial services for all people in the United States.

In addition, we will continue to focus on the important work remaining from the financial crisis.  Although the number of problem institutions has declined substantially from its peak in early 2011, it remains high by historical standards, and those institutions still require elevated supervisory attention.  Similarly, although the number of insured institution failures has fallen considerably from the peak of 157 failures in 2010, we still have substantial residual work to complete in managing almost 500 active receiverships that are associated with the failures that occurred from 2008 through 2012.  In 2013, we will devote substantial resources to both of these priorities.

Both the U.S. economy and the banking industry have experienced a gradual but steady recovery from the financial crisis.  Capital levels, liquidity, asset quality, and earnings for insured institutions have all improved, but significant challenges and potential risks remain.  Although the underlying trends are positive, the FDIC will remain vigilant and will be prepared to address any unexpected problems that may arise.

In its 80-year history, the FDIC has promoted stability and public confidence in the banking system by carrying out its responsibilities for deposit insurance, bank resolution, and bank supervision.  The FDIC will continue in 2013 to fulfill that important mission.

Martin J. Gruenberg

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